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Hey, you!

If you've managed to land up here, it probably means that you're ready to experience some of the world's most interesting cities in a unique manner.

Welcome to SENSEcity. Here, we take you on walks through the city, guided by this App and a Companion Booklet. On your walk, you will meet city experts who will unravel hidden stories with the help of an audioguide (installed in the App) and Augmented Reality.

Still not convinced? We'll let the features do the talking!

1. Explore the city through interactive 3D models in the App.

2. Deep-dive into the city's secrets through images sourced via the archives of Historic Environment Scotland and more.

3. A free inbuilt audioguide packed with narratives from three different perspectives.

4. Stories and information compiled by field/disciplinary experts and city-dwellers with local insights.

5. A new guided walk added every few months.

And did we tell you that all this is available to you for FREE! Pick up your Companion Booklet and start exploring the city through SENSEcity, because we believe that there is more than meets the eye!