SENSEcity is a dynamic, high-tech take on traditional travel guidebooks. With an artistically illustrated booklet and its complimentary mobile application, SENSEcity brings alive stories of the distant past which remain tucked in the corners of the city, using the immersive technology of mobile Augmented Reality. SENSEcity is where stories from the past -- both known and unknown -- are retold in the language of the future. This is a language that is driven by constant innovation and technological advancement.

how we started

In 2017, the founder decided to turn her passion into action. She decided to combine her love for travel and art, and channel it towards her Master’s thesis project. Today, this project goes by the name of SENSEcity. It is a narrative tool to learn about the urban environment in an interactive manner and approaches the city through the perspective of distinct fictive characters.

HOW it works

The travel guide operates in two media -- an illustrated pop-up booklet and an AR application that is responsive to the illustrated booklet. Pick up the free booklet from any of the venues mentioned under store locator the book and then download the ‘SENSEcity AR’ app. Scan the location illustrations on the pop-up booklet to trigger a series of video/audio clips that unravel authentic and fascinating stories about the chosen spot.